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Spindle & Hubs

  • 54mm Axle Socket
    $21.75 54mm Axle Socket
    TG Oil Carriers Tired of having quarts of oil & fluids bouncing around in the back of your truck, buggy, and/or off-road vehicle? Our TG Oil Carriers are your solution to this problem. The TG Oil Carriers organizes...

  • ARP 2000 Hub Stud Kits (6pc)
    $78.75 ARP 2000 Hub Stud Kits (6pc)
    Upper Axle Gusset This gusset welds on top of your Toyota front solid axle and helps prevent bending of the axle housing.

  • Chromoly Spindle
    $135.75 Chromoly Spindle
    Samurai TG Chromo Spindle Nut Kit In many cases, stock wheel bearing nuts and star washers can be used several times. However, with the increased maintenance required of an off road vehicle, these will need to be...

  • Chromoly Spindle Nut Kit (Toyota)
    $51.50 Chromoly Spindle Nut Kit (Toyota)
    Classic Front Lift Kit Our "Classic" lift kit is designed for first generation 1979 - 1985 factory solid axle trucks and 4Runners. Kits include your choice of 3", 4" or 5" springs. Super flexible...

  • E12 Knuckle Stud Socket
    $10.25 E12 Knuckle Stud Socket
    There is no description for this product.

  • Hub Stud Kit - Super Metal
    $90.50 Hub Stud Kit - Super Metal
    Hub Stud Kit Each kit contains one stud, cone washer, lock washer and nut (8mm).

  • Hub Stud Kit OEM (1pc)
    $8.00 Hub Stud Kit OEM (1pc)
    Toyota Locking Hub Factory new Toyota locking hub. Fits solid axle Toyota Pickups and 4Runners from 1979-1985. Includes locking hub gasket.

  • Longfield Studless Hub (Toyota)
    $626.00 Longfield Studless Hub (Toyota)
    Longfield™ Driveline Spacers Driveline too short after you do a lift? We have 1 inch and 1.5 inch spacers with bolts.

  • Replacement Brass Axle Bushing
    $34.25 Replacement Brass Axle Bushing
    TG Hydraulic Filter This replacement TG Hydraulic Filter is designed specifically for our Reservoir Filter and is compatible with hydraulic oil and power steering fluids. The TG Hydraulic Filter contains a...

  • Spindle Bearing Nut Kit
    $10.25 Spindle Bearing Nut Kit
    Spindle Stud Kit When assembling your spindles gaskets does it feel like your all thumbs? This kit contains 16 studs and flanged nuts. With the studs installed it's easier to install the spindle gaskets. Gaskets are...

  • Spindle Stud Kit
    $40.00 Spindle Stud Kit
    Super Metal Spindle Stud Kit Having issues lining up all the gaskets to get the spindle bolts installed? Our Super Metal Spindle Stud Kit eliminates that problem by removing the stock bolts and replacing the spindle...

  • Spindle Stud Kit - Super Metal
    $51.50 Spindle Stud Kit - Super Metal
    Sloped Spring Hangers Installing longer rear springs requires moving the rear spring hangers forward on the frame. The factory hangers are too thin to cut off and reuse. These hangers weld under the frame, forward of...

  • Wheel Bearing Kit
    $57.00 Wheel Bearing Kit
    Wheel Bearing Seals Replacement wheel bearing seal. If you're repacking your wheel bearings and you don't want to purchase a full knuckle service kit, then a pair of these seals will allow you to service just the wheel...