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  • Replacement Filter (fits 130565-1-Kit)
    $18.00 Replacement Filter (fits 130565-1-Kit)
    Reservoir and Bracket When installing a high flow pump such as the one listed above it is important to use a larger reservoir to provide enough fluid when the system needs it. The stock reservoir is fine for the stock...

  • Reservoir Bracket with Hardware
    $49.50 Reservoir Bracket with Hardware
    Reservoir Filter Bracket Our Rock Assault Reservoir Filter Bracket bolts right to the back of our Rock Assault Reservoir Filter Kit (into the pre-tapped holes) and allows you to either weld the other side of the bracket to...

  • Reservoir Filter Bracket
    $37.00 Reservoir Filter Bracket
    Reservoir Filter Kit When you have invested thousands of dollars into your full hydraulic steering system you will want to protect it with the best reservoir and filter that you can get. That is why Trail-Gear has...

  • Reservoir Filter Kit
    $306.75 Reservoir Filter Kit
    Rock Assault 3.0L V6 Power Steering Pump Kit We all know that the stock pump on a 3.0 is just not enough to turn big tires or run a ram assist and when you try and drill out the inlet to get more volume the result is a...

  • Rock Assualt Reservoir Bracket
    $37.00 Rock Assualt Reservoir Bracket
    Rock Defense Front Frame Reinforcement Kit Even the strongest frames need reinforcing when rock crawling and rock racing are your hobbies that is why Trail Gear is now offering our Rock Defense Front Frame Support Kits...