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  • PS Pump w/ Pulley (1650psi)
    $284.00 PS Pump w/ Pulley (1650psi)
    Rock Assault™ PS Pump w/Tacoma Serpentine Pulley Due to popular demand, Trail-Gear is now offering their 1,450 PSI and 1,650 PSI power steering pumps with the Tacoma Serpentine Pulley. The TC style power steering pumps...

  • PS Pump w/o Pulley (1650 psi)
    $284.00 PS Pump w/o Pulley (1650 psi)
    Reservoir and Bracket When installing a high flow pump such as the one listed above, it is important to use a larger reservoir to provide enough fluid when the system needs it. The stock reservoir is fine for the stock...