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Front Axle Service

  • Chromoly Spindle Nut Kit (Samurai)
    $40.95 Chromoly Spindle Nut Kit (Samurai)
    Samurai TG Chromo Spindle Nut Kit In many cases, stock wheel bearing nuts and star washers can be used several times. However, with the increased maintenance required of an off road vehicle, these will need to be...

  • Knuckle Sandwich, Samurai, 86-95
    $208.95 Knuckle Sandwich, Samurai, 86-95
    Samurai Knuckle Sandwich Bundle If you don’t want busted knuckles on the trail, you need Trail-Gear’s Samurai Knuckle Sandwich. The Trail-Gear Samurai Knuckle Sandwich is everything you need to service your...

  • Samurai Front Axle Service Kit
    $135.11 Samurai Front Axle Service Kit
    Samurai Front Axle Service Kit Kit includes all the parts you need to rebuild your front axle. Includes inner axle seals, bearing seals, wheel bearings, knuckle bearings, backing plates, and star washers. Includes parts...

    $17.85 SOCKET,2in/50mm,SAMURAI SPINDLE NUT
    Samurai Spindle Nut Socket Our Samurai Spindle Nut Sockets are made out of Zinc-plated steel and designed to fit right onto your 3/8" ratchet with no additional adaptors needed. Sized for 2"/50mm nuts, this is a perfect...

  • Supermetal Knuckle Bolt Kit
    $40.95 Supermetal Knuckle Bolt Kit
    Samurai Super Metal Knuckle Bolt Kit Need replacement bolts for your knuckle, but want a stronger bolt? This Samurai Super Metal Knuckle Bolt Kit is exactly what you are looking for. Our Super Metal Knuckle Bolts will...