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Front Axle Service

  • Chromoly Spindle Nut Kit (Samurai)
    $51.50 Chromoly Spindle Nut Kit (Samurai)
    TG Chromo Spindle Nut Kit In many cases, stock wheel bearing nuts and star washers can be used several times. However, with the increased maintenance required of an off road vehicle, these will need to be replaced...

  • Knuckle Sandwich, Samurai, 86-95
    $251.00 Knuckle Sandwich, Samurai, 86-95
    Knuckle Service Kit When was the last time you serviced your knuckles? Our service kit contains all standard replacement parts including gaskets, felts, seals, washers and shims. Kit includes inner axle seals and outer...

  • Samurai Front Axle Service Kit
    $170.00 Samurai Front Axle Service Kit
    Samurai Front Brake Pads When it comes to safety and brakes, we don't fool around. You need safe brakes, but why spend lots of money to get them? Trail-Gear offers our high quality semi- metallic brake pads at a great...

  • Supermetal Knuckle Bolt Kit
    $49.50 Supermetal Knuckle Bolt Kit
    Tacoma SAS Oil Pan Kit When doing a solid axle swap (SAS) on a 95-04 Tacoma, removing and replacing the oil pan is a necessary step to avoid clearance issues. The oil pan from the T-100 2.7 and 3.4 engines are a direct...