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Chromoly Birfield Kits

  • Birfield Snap Ring
    $5.75 Birfield Snap Ring
    Blank Output Flange If you are swapping out the chain-drive t-case in your Tacoma for a gear-driven t-case you are going to need a 27-spline driveline flange that matches your driveline bolt pattern. We have made a new...

  • Clip  Inner Axle  30 spline
    $5.75 Clip Inner Axle 30 spline
    Clutch Hydraulics Replacement clutch master and slave cylinders. High quality OEM parts. Available options: Clutch Master Cylinder 81-88 4cyl 100027-1-KIT Clutch Master Cylinder 88-95 V6 & 89-95 4Cyl ...