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Ultra 4 Eastern Series Round 3 Dirty Turtle Offroad Park 2016

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It was a nasty mess at Dirty Turtle Offroad park this weekend, but the track, the hospitality and the fun was great as usual. We preran on Friday and picked a few lines for the main on Saturday. We had a good qualifying run and earned the pole. We started 1st and had fresh air. We made good time to the first big climb and tried a bypass that we had made several times pre-running , but the rain slicked it up and we couldn't make it. When we lost momentum and went for the brakes the car slid back down the greasy mess and pinned us on a tree. We couldn't go forward and we couldn't back up. Jeff climbed out and we began to winch. We winched as the entire group of racers passed us by. We finally got up the hill and back on track. We were almost a full lap down by the time we were rolling again and we knew we had our work cut out for us. We began to drive hard and check in laps. We passed several cars broken and running and were slowly moving back towards the top. We had gained some ground on the group and finally made our way into second place with about 7 laps left. Knowing that we could push as hard as possible and maybe not finish trying to catch the leader or maintain a nice pace and increase our odds of finishing we decided to push "a little" and drive smart. We were so far behind on corrected time it would've been almost impossible to regain the lead, but we wanted to be close incase trouble struck for the leader. Well, the leader kept a nice pace as well and survived the race without and mistakes or issues so we finished 2nd for the day and hopefully 2nd for the Ultra 4 Eastern Series, but we won't know for a few weeks (about the series pts). We knew it would be a sloppy track and we made an early mistake that cost us a lot of time and a chance at the #1 spot. You win some, you lose some, but in the end it's the memories, the challenges and the ability to learn from your mistakes and move forward that make it all worth it. We still have a few events on our schedule for 2016, but as far as the 2016 Ultra 4 Eastern Series goes.... It's in the books. I would like to thank my co-dawg Jeff Speer, my Crew chief Aaron Faucher, my chef Wally Lovell, CGYS Crew...Blake Grayson, Whimpy Lawson, Emily Lawson, Wesley Gryner, Chelsea Gryner, Leigh Gilstrap for all their help this weekend as well as throughout the season. Thanks the Keith Phillips and Jim Hopping for keeping the business rolling while I skip out on the daily grind and do what I love to do. Also like to thank my awesome wife Bethany Garretson and my kids for supporting me and allowing me to have some (a lot) of time away working on the car, traveling and racing all over the country. We have some great sponsors that also make it possible and I wanna thank them as well.‪#‎cgysmotorsports‬, ‪#‎comegetyasome‬, ‪#‎TeamYukon‬,@YukonGearandAxle, @YukonGear&Axle, @powertank2, @shomespeed, @radfloshocks, @ODYSSEYBATTERY, @racelinewheels, @Prpseats, @psc_performance_steering , @warnindustries, @general_tire, @radflosuspension, @bushwackerinc, @jimmys4x4, @spidertrax, @signplanet, @rodendsupply, @rcvperformance, @mcclarenwoodshop, @rocksolidfabworks, @tireballs, @signplanet, ‪#‎xtremedieselservices‬