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Ultra 4 Eastern Series Round 2 Attica, IN 2016

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It was a long hot weekend of racing. We qualified 1st in our class and it was all uphill from there. The mud was thick and the track was slick in the woods. We started off missing a turn and moving from 1st to last. After getting back on track we kept a nice pace and were able to regain the lead on a big drop, but soon realized we had a broken rear axle. We pulled up to the last big climb of the lap and banged on the car a few times only to blow the front axle out too. We winched up the climb and worked our way to check in a lap. After checking in a lap we pulled over to access the damage and realized we needed parts. We made it to the pits and were able to repair the front axle just as time had expired. The car is busted up but we fought till the end. Big thanks to my co-dawg Jeff Speer my crew chief Aaron Faucher for everything they do. Thanks to Jacy and Macy Higgins for all their help and support throughout the weekend. And thanks to all my great marketing partners for their continued support #cgysmotorsports,#comegetyasome,#TeamYukon,@YukonGearandAxle,@YukonGear&Axle, @powertank2,@shomespeed, @radfloshocks,@ODYSSEYBATTERY, @racelinewheels,@Prpseats, @psc_performance_steering, @warnindustries, @general_tire,@radflosuspension, @bushwackerinc,@jimmys4x4, @spidertrax, @signplanet,@rodendsupply, @rcvperformance,@mcclarenwoodshop,@rocksolidfabworks, @tireballs,@signplanet, #xtremedieselservices