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Interview at KOH 2016

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Ultra 4 Eastern Series Round 3 Dirty Turtle Offroad Park 2016

It was a nasty mess at Dirty Turtle Offroad park this weekend, but the track, the hospitality and the fun was great as usual. We preran on Friday and picked a few lines for the main on Saturday. We had a good qualifying run and earned the pole. We started 1st and had fresh air. [...]

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We won the Dirt Riot Central series!!! 2015

It has been a long brutal season, but we conquered our 2 main goals! We won the Dirt Riot Central series and we stepped up to the Ultra 4 scene and won the Ultra 4 Eastern Series Title in the 4500 class! We couldn't have done it without our marketing partners or our wonderful friends [...]

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Ultra 4 Eastern Series Round 1 Hot Springs, AR 2016

Duane Garretson and Jeff Speer managed to get the second place finish at the Eastern Series Ultra 4 race this past weekend. We would like to thank all our marketing partners, fans and pit crew for all the continued support.

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Ultra 4 Eastern Series Round 2 Attica, IN 2016

It was a long hot weekend of racing. We qualified 1st in our class and it was all uphill from there. The mud was thick and the track was slick in the woods. We started off missing a turn and moving from 1st to last. After getting back on track we kept a nice pace [...]

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