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  • Birfield Snap Ring
    $5.75 Birfield Snap Ring
    Blank Output Flange If you are swapping out the chain-drive t-case in your Tacoma for a gear-driven t-case you are going to need a 27-spline driveline flange that matches your driveline bolt pattern. We have made a new...

  • Creeper Breather Kit
    $27.50 Creeper Breather Kit
    Creeper Joint Shackle Mount Creeper Joints are also available in a shackle mount for use with leaf springs. Using a Creeper Joint on the shackle end of a leaf spring reduces spring binding and increases suspension flex...

  • Dana 60 Unit Hub
    $377.50 Dana 60 Unit Hub
    Heavy Duty Shift Spring The stock transfer case shift springs tend to give a sloppy feel to the shifters and can lead to the transfer case shift lever popping out of gear on the trail. We recommend heavy duty shift...

  • Inner Axle Seal
    $7.75 Inner Axle Seal
    Samurai Inner Axle Seal Looking for just the inner axle seal by itself without purchasing the entire kit?  We have them right here. Fits 1986-1995 Samurai.

  • Longfield Rear Axle Shafts Pair, Chromo, Sidekick/Tracker (4-bolt flange)
    $341.00 Longfield Rear Axle Shafts Pair, Chromo, Sidekick/Tracker (4-bolt flange)
    Trail-Safe™ Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Front Input/Output Seal Tired of dealing with oil leaks from the front input and output on your Samurai transfer case?  Trail-Gear has remedied that issue by offering our new...